This is no mere bad experience. I'm afraid that Stephen Noret has violated VA guidelines and his own written account is incriminating. Ref: https://inspire.innov8ion.com/2020/04/va-vocrehab-complaint.html

Furthermore, he's contributed to a pattern of grave persecution that stands in opposition to the principles our nation was founded. American veterans sacrifice their lives to maintain the rights and principles that your VA VocRehab office now flushes down the toilet. You shouldn't be sorry -- we should be scared. While you may have never enlisted in the armed forces, you're now being enlisted to make the tough, principled decisions our future depends on. Walt, American and its veterans need your support.

Cancel culture is real and its societal implications are chilling. How can you help ensure that this issue is communicated to the head of VR&E? What's the biggest challenge you face in doing so? And what might doing nothing cost you?
It seems that you care deeply about veterans and our nation, Walt. Veterans are lucky to have you on board.

Portrait of a Political Dissident

  1. 4+ years of continuous unemployment spurred by character assassination and a politically-driven blacklist via the #Resistance movement. Learn about the left's, "Cancel Culture." https://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-news-and-politics/292530/real-problem-with-cancel-culture
  2. Politically-driven threats on my life have been issued and hints dropped that I can end the pain by killing myself. Specifically, for communicating said movement's concerning mode of operations and ties to Russian subversion efforts.
  3. Evidence indicates my mother was seemingly targeted by #MeToo operatives for sexual denigration. History will demonstrate that the #Resistance's playbook is chock-full of immoral acts of hypocrisy. Their inherent ties with Russian influence should have clued us in long ago. Ref: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rzxveWyv4bxN3nREJh1C3Om8bchhkS31W_WtZr-18i4
  4. Negligent denials of training and employment services:
  1. 4+ years of continued unemployment has led to financial hardship and:
  2. Emptying of all pre-tax (pension, 401k) and after-tax savings. Adding insult to injury, the pre-tax withdrawals incurred a $18,000 tax bill that I could not pay as a blacklisted, Orwellian unperson.
  3. Chilling consequences related to credit score destruction.
  4. Six months of homelessness in Denver.
  5. Chapter 7 bankruptcy, discharged 03/2019.
  6. Inability to pay mortgage and HOA fees on St. Louis condo since late 2016. For some "strange" reason, the bank has yet to foreclose after four years. The HOA now seeks ~$8,000 in fees.
  7. A self-employed net income well below the poverty line.
  8. My only tangible asset, a vehicle, will likely be fully depreciated and inoperable within a year.
  9. In late November I spoke out against Mayor Hancock on Twitter, sharing documented facts of their blatant, illegal discrimination. Within a few weeks, the following occurred: 1) An IRS lien was filed against me 2) Uber inexplicably banned me from driving on its platform. Coincidence?
  10. The day after receiving the IRS lien, I came to a Panera Bread near my residence in Phoenix, AZ. The purpose? To write about and publicize this most recent attack. Upon leaving Panera and entering my vehicle, I noticed a man in an idling truck parked directly across from me in the nearly-vacant parking lot with its brights shining at me -- on a clear day. Its license plates? Colorado. We stared at one another for many minutes before I departed.
  11. The connections between the City of Denver's denial of employment training and services (and condoning by the CDLE and USDOL), ongoing blacklist, death threats, attacks on my family, and IRS lien had been made clear. Message received, Mayor Hancock and his affiliated, Orwellian #Resistance movement.
  12. What's next? Will I soon show up dead from an "accident?"

On Unemployment and Veteran Suicide

Every day 22 veterans take their own life. Are you aware that unemployment and suicide are correlated? How many veterans have committed suicide resulting from unemployment? And how many veteran suicides can be attributed to cancel culture activists within the US DOL?

  1. https://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2011/11/20/how-can-we-prevent-military-suicides/the-role-of-unemployment-in-veteran-suicide
  2. https://jech.bmj.com/content/57/8/594.abstract
  3. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/veteran-suicide-preventio_b_7070274
  4. https://www.mentalhealth.va.gov/docs/data-sheets/2019/2019_National_Veteran_Suicide_Prevention_Annual_Report_508.pdf

Next Steps

  1. Please postpone all VR&E appointments for now.
  2. There are false statements in my VR&E record. Please share the process for amending it.
  3. Walt, please assist with the process to have this case heard before a veteran's law judge. My experiences are just the tip of the iceberg. Shedding light on patterned impropriety, especially in govt institutions, may save veteran's lives and American institutional integrity.
  4. VSO's, I humbly ask for representation in not only this case but also with the City of Denver.  Should veterans continue to accept political persecution by institutional activists that threaten our democracy? You may be sorry but if we allow this to continue, we'll all be sorry. Our future depends on leaders like you making tough, principled decisions. I believe in us. Do you?

David Goldstick
Corporal, USMC